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Brauhaus Gusswerk

Reinhold Barta, founder of Brauhaus Gusswerk

Reinhold Barta,
founder of Brauhaus Gusswerk


Brauhaus Gusswerk was founded in 2006 in the Salzburg County and is the pioneer in organic beers and Austrian craft brewing. Since its first entry into international competitions in 2007, it has been bestowed numerous awards, which affirm their maxim: Quality without Compromise.

Reinhold Barta, founder of Brauhaus Gusswerk, is a highly esteemed and innovative brew-master well known in Austria and Germany. In 2011, he was honored with the first-ever “Beer Sommelier of the Year” award in history.


The philosophy behind the organic beers and ciders of Brauhaus Gusswerk is stay true to how beer was originally brewed – using only natural and best organic ingredients, applying traditional processing techniques, respecting the cycle of nature, and keeping essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients
in the end product.

Beers available also in keg.

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