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Camba Bavaria




Camba Bavaria can be found in the heart of Bavaria, situated charmingly within the walls of an old water mill. Winner of Germany’s Craft Brewery 2014 award, the brewery has an outstanding selection of traditional beers and new innovations.

Camba Bavaria was established in 2008 but has quickly become recognized as one of the best craft breweries in the world. Their philosophy – maintaining exclusivity while staying connected to contemporary beer variations from all over the world. This approach gives their beers an extraordinary freshness, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy beers of the highest quality.



It takes a great deal of brewing experience and an intuitive feel for raw materials to produce a good beer. This is the art of brewing and it is represented in all the beers in Camba Bavaria’s extensive repertoire. Camba is able to realize their high expectations for beers through cooperation with its mother company, Braukon. A specialist in brewing equipment established in 2003, Braukon has helped in the construction of over 250 breweries worldwide.

Beers available also in keg.

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